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We believe that it is the most valuable and greatest work to do for humans in the world. Under this belief, we produce the best products and services. Our intention is to provide the right harmony between nature and human health, happiness, and wellness life, based on the expertise in technology and nature science. This is the KYK's mission to accomplish.

Core Value

  • We devote our capabilities to the customers' health and happiness with creating the best products and services.
  • We run the business with a respect for people regardless of age, gender, educational background, regionalism, nationality, or race. Also following laws and the right uses with nature is what we do.
  • We aim the best achievements. From the attainment, we believe to be evaluated capabilities and potentials.
  • To have the long healthful life, we keep our bodies clean and healthy with the fine sprits without nicotine, alcohol or anything bad that threatens human cells.
  • We achieve our goal with passion, optimism and creativity, to enjoy our happiness, to reach self-realization and continually to develop ourselves.
  • We try to be the best KYK people who gain a respect and trust from society by being honest and fair achievement.


At KYK we have been devoting ourselves to be the top-notch company that is in the total health and wellness industry. We also have endeavored to build a healthy, happy and well balanced human society. KYK guarantees not only KYK member's future but also their own families' by conferring, continuing and transferring all benefits onto them. We care about our employees and their families as well.


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