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How to Use Alkaline Reduced Water

  • When you cook rice

First, wash it off gently with alkaline reduced water to remove dusts off. Let rick to soak the alkaline water for 10 minutes or up to 30 - 40 minutes before you start to cook rice. Do not throw the water away that you rinsed rice with. You can use it for cooking rice instead. Then rice will be nicely sticky and sweet. The taste will last longer.

  • When you make coffee or tea

The alkaline water removes a bit bitter taste of coffee, and also it gives mild flavours for a puckery taste of tea. It enhances most kind of teas the nice and special flavours. Try, and make your daily coffee better with the alkaline water.

  • When you start a nice day

It is a very good idea to drink one to two cups of the alkaline water before breakfasts in the morning, as well as having it before you go to sleep helps. When ionized water is consumed, the cellular water environment improves within the human body in the same way. This leads to better health and overall well-being. Drinking alkaline water rejuvenates us daily.

  • When you cook various cuisines

It is pretty ideal to use the alkaline water to cook some seafood such as a fish dish. It will remove bad fishy smell and enhances the taste. Also alkaline water works really well with flour for making flour dough. It will remove bad odors away from a dish and make mixed dough nicely sticky and sweet. In addition, it helps to preserve it longer.

  • When you wash vegetables or fruits

Use the alkaline reduced water to wash off vegetable or fruits before storing them. It is a very good way to removes agricultural pesticides on them. Plus, vegetable and fruits will remain nice and fresh longer in your fridge.

  • When you drink alcohole, or after when you have a hangover

Make some cocktails with the alkaline reduced water. The hexagonal structure of the alkaline water will give it soft taste and great flavours. Also the alkaline water is quite good for a bad hangover. It helps to decompose alcohol in your body.

How to Use Acidic Water

  • For bathing or washing your face

If you wash your face with the acidic water, it will make your skin soft and resilient. After washing your hair with soaps, try to rinse it with acidic water. It will neutralize alkaline properties and make your hair shiny.

  • For washing utensils and a chopping board

The acidic water has an effect of sterilization of dishes, bad odor removal, and whitening dinnerware. It also removes pollutants and kills most of the invisible germs. Let your chopping board to soak the acidic water, and leave some clothes or knifes in the acidic water once a week for 20 to 30 minutes to keep the kitchen environment clean.

  • For mouth wash and saving

Use strong level of the acidic water for excellent sterilization for your mouth wash every day. It helps to maintain your teeth healthy and sterilized.Plus, it also can be used as moisturizer for your skin after shaving.

  • To have sterilization effect

The acidic water has an excellent effect of sterilization. It removes itches for insects bites on your skin and sterilizes them. The acid water is effective for burn injuries as well as heat rashes, and eczema, in terms of blood stoppig, sterilziation and recovery. Expose your scars to the acidic water or spray it to scars to obtain a good result. Soak gauze in the strong level of acidic water and spray warm liquids.

  • For flower decoration

Dilute the acidic water with the twice of the volume, and then apply the water to the cutted bits of flowers. Let flowers to soak the acidic water, and they will last long nice and fresh.

  • For cooking

Try to use the acidic water, when you boil noodles, spaghetti, or pasta. Your dishes will be more fresh and tasty, and noodle stripes could have a chewy texture.

  • For bathing your pet

The acidic water is perfectly good for bathing your pet. Use the water to brush off your pet's hair. Then their hair would not be falling out easily but remaining beautifully polished. In addition, you can remove the some kind of smell from your pets by bathing them with the acidic water.

  • For athlete's foot and hemorrhoids

For your athlete,s foot, it is really helpful to let them to soak the 38 degrees acidic water for twenty minutes once a day. The strong sterilization effect of the acidic water will kill all the germs of your feet. For hemorrhoids, wash off the infected area with acidic water two or three times a day and apply warm liquids to it.

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