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Abundant Active Hydrogen

Alkaline water contains abundant active hydrogen, which functions as a reducer. Reducing is beneficial to the human body because it oxidizes toxins that build up in our cell from the digestion of food, also known as free radicals, improving our body's overall function. The nature of alkaline ionized water with much smaller water cluster size penetrates effectively and very quickly into these acid blocks.

NMR Result of Cluster Comparison (Unit: Hz)

Negative ORP

ORP stands for "oxygen reduction potential". This is a scale which measures the ability of water to reduce or oxidize toxins. A positive ORP means the water can't oxidize toxins. A negative ORP means the water can. So, water with a high pH will have a high negative ORP because of the high amount of active hydrogen. When we drink high pH, high negative ORP water, we naturally detoxify our body, hydrate it, and feed it with oxygen. This leads to better digestion, better metabolism, less stress, more energy, and much more, perfect for any member of our families.

Balance of PH

Our blood and cells must always remain slightly alkaline. However, most of us tend to be over acidic in our body because of the food such as pork, beef, chicken and other normal food we eat to produce energy. The food becomes acid wastes and the cells dump them into the bloodstream. To make a balance of ph in our body, drinking alkaline ionized water is the fastest and most efficient way to alkalize our body.

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