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Alkaline water with green tea teabags

Korean brown-rice green tea is not easily soaked in general cold water. However it draws quite well in the alkaline water ionizer as you can see the picture that shows yellow color with reducing water. To have soft and nice tasty green tea with the alkaline water, try to draw one tea-bag up to four or five times in reducing water.

Alkaline water with port belly fat disintegration

General water does not dissolve fat. it only separates fat. However, soaking a piece of meat in reducing water for 30 minutes or so completely dissolves the fat of the meat. Before you barbecue or cook food using meat, soak the meat in alkaline reducing water for about 30 minutes. It will reduce the fatty flavor and taste of the meat.

Alkaline water with a clip

A clip in the general water or just purified water gets rusty. However it does NOT in the alkaline water ionizer. According to this experiment by KYK researchers, it did NOT go rusty for one year.

Experiment of the effect on the cancer cell suppression

As you can see the picture above, colony formation ability in soft agar that is a malignant characteristic of cancer cell has been reduced by electrolytic alkaline water ionizer. (2003.Japan. Doctor Shirahata).

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